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Brix: Fine Food Find in Flagstaff”
100 Cool Places in Arizona
The Brix Buzz
Finding Flagstaff
Conde Naste Hot List: Top 95 Restaurants in the World
Flagstaff Fall: Flag’s Best Restaurant
Great Escapes: Flagstaff Fall

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100 Cool Places in Arizona

Chris Reynolds, USA Today, Sunday, February 12, 2012

Grand vistas? Check. Funky restaurants? On the list. Wild and woolly history? You got it. Arizona marks the centennial of its statehood, so we scoured the state and found five score places for your “must” list. . . .


Brix Restaurant & Wine Bar. Here is the place to spend a few bucks extra on a romantic dinner. It’s on the edge of downtown with about eight tables and a dozen seats at the bar, and much more space on the patio when the weather allows. Many locally sourced ingredients. 413 N. San Francisco St., Flagstaff; (928) 213-1021; brixflagstaff.com. Dinner main dishes, $23-$34.

“The Brix Buzz”

Finding Flagstaff

Kathleen Allen, Arizona Daily Star, Sunday, July 11, 2011

One of the signs that a city is growing up is its culinary scene. And there’s no doubt about it: Flagstaff is growing up. Over a four-day weekend, we couldn’t resist the temptations. . . .

. . . we hadn’t been to the relatively new Criollo Latin Kitchen (16 N. San Francisco St.). We headed off to the casual restaurant.

And, frankly, we’re glad we did. The restaurant goes local as much as possible, and you can taste the difference.

. . . [ Read the complete Criollo review here.] . . .

But the absolute best we tried in Flagstaff was Brix Casual Fine Dining & Wine Bar. . . .

It wasn’t just the cozy table in the beautiful garden, fragrant with the herbs that fill the flower beds and sit in pots on tables; the vast, sophisticated wine list – more than 150 bottles from mostly West Coast wineries; or the impeccable service, warm and friendly but not cloying.

It was Brix’s food, which is hyper-local, thoughtfully prepared and beautifully presented. . . . it was hard not to be completely seduced.

That pork, cubed, cooked and served on a couple of skewers, was crisp from a grilling over an open fire. While not as pink in the center as we like it, it was not overdry, and came with a hefty helping of earthy ivory lentils, a sweet black currant chutney, and meaty guanciale – that’s an Italian bacon that’s made from cured pork cheek. It’s got a peppery taste and a delicate texture.

And the seared duck breast ($27) – oh my. Meaty, with a crispy skin and a pink tinge to the poultry, it was juicy without being greasy, and delicately gamey.

We finished with a made-there Venezuelan chocolate ice cream ($6), which was as dense and creamy as a gelato. We scooped that up with buttery shortbread cookies, slowly sipped a cup of fine coffee, and marveled at how Flagstaff, indeed, has done a lot of growing up in the last few years.

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