The Carriage House

The Carriage HouseThe Carriage House was built by banker TE Pollock, as an adjunct to his fine home at 410 N. Leroux St. Pollock came to Flagstaff from Iowa in 1896 to take over the Arizona Central Bank. Under his able leadership, the bank became one of the most important factors in developing the Flagstaff area.

Subsequently, Pollock became a pillar of the community and a wealthy man. Pollock bought the home at 410 N. Leroux St. from S.E. Clark in 1900, married a woman by the name of Mary Morton in 1909, and remodeled his home shortly thereafter. He then bought his wife the best carriage in town, and built the large, elegant carriage house as a fitting place to store their horses and carriage.

Later, Pollock became one of the first people in Flagstaff to purchase an automobile. At that time he added a single story garage on the south end of the building for his car, an addition that now houses Brix Restaurant & Wine Bar.

Pollock died in 1938, eulogized as, “Having done more for Northern Arizona than any other man.” Later owners failed to maintain the carriage house, which fell into such a state of decline that it was condemned, and it’s destruction ordered. It was rescued and renovated in 1979.