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Brix has a new General Manager!

Wow, it’s been a long time since our last blog update! There will be a more coming in the days and weeks ahead, but we have a very special announcement tonight: Richard Edwards has joined the Slo Development team as the general manager at Brix!

Rich worked in the restaurant industry for 16 years in San Francisco, managed restaurants such as Chianti’s on Melrose and Harry’s Bar and Grill in Century City and worked for Steven Starr Restaurant Group of Philadelphia. He spent the last 12 years in the wine industry, but recently decided to get back to what he loves the most and return to restaurants. We have known Rich for over 5 years, and when he mentioned that he was interested in returning to the restaurant business and wanted to work for a forward thinking, sustainability-minded company, it seemed like a natural fit.

Again, please join me in welcoming Richard Edwards to Brix as our new general manager. We are very excited to have him!